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Sex is rocks. Now imagine the feeling when having it with a ghost! That is strange but true.

A young woman from Australia named Amethyst Realm claims to have ditched men in favor of dating ghosts.

The whole encounter seems to have started a little over a decade ago when Realm was so crazy in love with her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, Realm’s boyfriend worked days away from home and he only showed up once every fortnight.

It is at this point that Realm began to have unusual feelings in her surroundings.

Realm claims that a strong manly presence would show up every time her boyfriend left for work.

The ghost – we suppose – would follow her to every corner of the house.

When she retired to bed, the ghost would show up behind her back and start to breath heavily on her neck.

Strangely, the tingly feeling did not frighten her at all. Instead, Realm took this opportunity to welcome the ghost in her world of intimacy.

On her first sexual encounter with the ghost, Realm wore a sexy lingerie and turned off the lights in the bedroom.

She waited for the ghost to show up but it did not. May be it was blown away by her looks and had to take time to fathom the titillating lady that was lying in bed.

No sooner had she fallen asleep than the ghost showed up.


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2 comments, 4 shares
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