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A number of restaurants are now taking things up a notch. Rather than use plates, they offer to serve delicacies on top of naked female bodies.

This type of culinary experience is known as Nyotaimori and has its origins from Japan.

Nyotaimori refers to the art of serving sushi on the top of a woman’s naked body.

With origins from Japan, the practice has quickly spread to Europe and the United States.

These restaurants employ fine-looking damsels that double up as both models and waitresses.

Diners are usually offered two options when it comes to having a Nyotaimori.

You can have the choice of food being served on the skin of a naked woman’s body.

If that is not for you, fresh banana leaves can be placed on top of the model – or is it the plate made of human skin?


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2 comments, 3 shares
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