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A baby is God’s wonderful blessing to every human being. However, circumstances can at times force a person to do the impossible.

That is what happened when 25-year-old Inna Petrova was caught on CCTV camera selling her 3 months old baby for just $45.

From the footage Petrova is seen embracing her baby girl tightly for a few seconds and kissing her before handing her over to the buyer.

She then sobs as she walks away from the airport in the company of another woman.

Petrova blames poverty and the lack of support from the child’s father as the major reasons behind her move to sell the little angel.

Petrova responded to an online advertisement placed by 43-year-old Natalia Zhdanova.

From the advertisement, Zhdonova and her husband claimed that they were looking for a new born baby under the age of 3 months to buy.

The funny thing is, Zhdonova claims that she had all the adoption papers ready and all they were looking for is a baby to buy.


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1 comment
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