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Expecting a baby is one of the most precious things that can happen to anyone in life – until the unexpected happens.

A video footage popped up online a while back that shows a dad and mom trying to pass the good news to their adorable sons.

From the video, the scene seems tense since the wonderful boys are unsure of what to expect.

The mom makes the situation tenser by telling the children that they love them so much.

From the look on the boys, they might have wondered what they did wrong. You can hear them asking their mom as she speaks, “What?” severally.

To end the tense moment, the mom forges ahead to make what seems to be the announcement of the year.

She gently opens and shows her boys a piece of paper that appears to have a print image of the surprise.

The younger boy notices that it’s an image of a fetus and in a gentle voice asks mom, “You’re having a baby?”

The older boy sinks back on his seat partially and asks his mom in awe, “You’re having another baby?”

He pauses a bit and gives his younger brother a funny grin as if trying to signal his younger brother of how babies are made.


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3 comments, 11 shares
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