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Aren’t you tired of serious news events? It’s never that serious and that is why The Viralclik is here to make your day.

The Viralclik is a news blog that focuses on delivering serious and viral news events but with a dash of humor.

Not everyone finds it pleasing to wake up to news of a hurricane that has swept away thousands of people.

The majority are looking for news content that is uplifting to get through the day and that is why The Viraclik was founded.

We make it easy for you to wake up to current and viral news that is guaranteed to not only break you into laughter but get you through the day with a laughter.

So, what are you waiting for? Get reading and share the laughter. Won’t you?


The Viralclik aims to deliver news content that is fun, uplifting, and of benefit to readers.


We filter news content throughout the world to make sure that we deliver timely, relevant, and humorous news articles to audiences that want to be informed with positive and up to date events.



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